How Do You Secure A Dog Travel Crate In A Car?

July 27, 2020 // 6 minute read

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Regardless of the dog’s breed and size, there is no way that your pooch is happy when you put it inside a travel crate for a long road trip. But you do not get to pick comfort over safety when it comes to traveling with your four-legged buddy. In other words, you must live with it. Therefore, you must learn how to secure dog crate in car and what is the safest travel crate for cars.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of dog travel crates out there with smart designs that will make Fido feel a tad more comfortable than what you initially expected. Yes, it takes some getting used to, but if you commit to helping your dog become comfortable inside a crate, then you will eventually have peace of mind during road trips.

How Do You Secure A Dog Travel Crate In A Car?

Once you find a way to train your canine buddy on how to be comfortable inside a crate, the next step is to learn how to secure the same crate inside the car. You need your dog to be calm and relaxed while you are driving. But the more important thing is making sure that the crate is in a secure place inside the vehicle. You do not want it to be rolling over every time you make a sharp turn or when there are notable bumps on the road.

Securing a dog travel crate in a vehicle does not have to be complicated. There are lots of ways to do it, and you can choose one that best fits your situation. A dog travel crate may be placed on the backseat or cargo area. Regardless, it is vital that you learn how to secure dog crate in car.

Arguably the most convenient way of securing your dog inside a vehicle is by installing a divider between the load area of your SUV, wagon, or crossover and the back seat. You do not have this luxury if you are driving a sedan. The divider allows you to put the pooch into the back of the vehicle, where it is contained in the safest area of the car when it pertains to accidents. The divider ensures that the dog is separated from the passengers.

But the divider is not suitable for all scenarios. Therefore, the most practical and versatile option is the use of a dog travel crate. It maintains the same concept of containment, but it is more sophisticated. Nevertheless, not all crates are built and designed to withstand a crash. Choose something that is made from a more durable material than flimsy plastic or fabric. There is no point in putting your dog inside a low-quality crate and strapping it down to your car. Your dog will less likely survive the impact in a crash if the crate gets crushed right away.

Durable Dog Crates Act As A Temporary Home

dog crate in car

Not many pet owners realize that a travel crate can help in keeping Fido comfortable and calm. It will mostly benefit dogs that have been trained in crates while they were young. When they are put inside it during a long trip, they will feel at ease since it is like a temporary shelter.

A crated dog inside a car will ride in comfort, not to mention the fact that it is safe inside, no matter how bumpy the road can become. If it is your first time to take your pooch on an extended road trip, you must spend some time training your four-legged buddy to get used to the crate. It is a given that dogs do not like being caged, but it is something that you can work out ahead of time.

So, how do you train your dog for that extended road trip? Well, all you must do is put it in a durable crate designed for travel. Take the animal with you for a short drive around the neighborhood. Do this quite often, maybe three or four times a week until it gets used to the situation.

Steps In Securing The Travel Crate

Once you get the best dog travel crate and train your dog with it, it is time to learn how to secure dog crate in car.

Step 1:

The first thing you must do is search for those cloth seat belt safety straps. If your vehicle does not have one, then it probably has metal brackets instead, or maybe some reinforced tie-down holes. You will find these brackets or straps valuable once you start bolting the travel crate to the car.

Step 2:

The next step is to put the empty crate inside the vehicle. A small crate for a small breed of dog can conveniently fit on the back seat, but large crates must be secured in the cargo area. I do not recommend putting the crate in front because of the presence of the airbag.

Seatbelts should be enough when securing a small dog travel crate. Be sure to put the crate lengthwise on the back seat. You must thread the seatbelt or a shoulder harness through the safety straps which are sewn on the crate. Once you are done, pull and tighten the belt and ensure that it “clicks” into the buckle. Pull the strap once again to figure out if it is already snug.

In case seatbelts are not available, you have no choice but to reposition the dog travel crate. You should put the crate on the floor of the cargo area. If there is no carpet or mat, you can use a rug or blanket, the purpose of which is to achieve a non-slip surface for the crate.

Step 3:

As soon as you manage to find the best location for the dog travel crate inside the car, you now can put the metal hook end of the tie-down nylon or leather strap in the right front portion of the crate. You can see the holes on all four corners of the crate, usually at the base. You also must stretch the tie-down strap to reach the top portion of the crate. Next, hook the opposite metal hook to the metal tie-down ring located on the left side of the vehicle. Repeat the process, this time on the other side.

Final Tip For How To Secure Dog Crate In Car

One of the things that most dog owners forget when securing a dog travel crate in a car is the stability and resilience of the bottom. You want the bottom of the crate to be strong enough to provide the necessary support for extended trips.

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