What Is The Most Reliable Cat Window Perch?

September 14, 2022 // 12 minute read

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A cat window perch is probably one of the best things you can give to your cat, who loves perching by the window to watch the scenery outside. It can be mounted directly on a window, a windowsill, or the wall of our house, giving your cat the perfect access to the view outside. But, what is the most reliable cat window perch?

Other than that, cat window perches are also the best places where your cat can get full access to the sunlight. It’s also a great resting place where they can lie down comfortably and safely. Well, that is if you’ve chosen the most reliable cat window perch. 

most reliable cat window perch

Qualities of the Most Reliable Cat Window Perch

Because a cat window perch is mounted on a window, it’s high up on the ground. If you happen to buy one that is not durable, it may fall from the window. The bad thing about this is if your cat also happens to be lying on that cat window perch, he can get injured. 

This is why choosing the most reliable cat window perch is essential. Let us take a look at the qualities of the most reliable cat window perch: 

  • Sturdy and durable: This is already a given. Because you’re going to mount this to a high place, you need to ensure that it will really hold your cat. If your cat falls, she might injure herself, which is a huge problem for you. 
  • Easy to install and take down: You would like your cat window perch to be easy to assemble, install, and take down. I’ll ask you a question, do you really want to spend a lot of time installing that cat window perch? If so, how long? 

The most reliable cat window perch won’t make you frustrated while installing it. It should be easy to install without taking too much time. At the same time, there might be instances you’d need to move it to other places, and it would be such a hassle to be spending a lot of time on that.  

  • Comfortable: Since a cat window perch will be used by your cat to enjoy her hobby, you should ensure it’s comfortable. Usually, your cat would also use this as a bed so she can rest and enjoy sunbathing. But she might not be able to do this if it’s not relaxing for her. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain: We love our cats, but we shouldn’t suffer in cleaning up the items they use. So, a good cat window perch should be able to make it easier for you to clean things up. Plus, maintenance shouldn’t be costly, too. 
  • Reasonable Price: Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s high-quality or reliable. The features it has should match the price well to say that it’s worth the convenience. 

If you’re able to find a cat window perch that can offer you this, then you can say that you have found a reliable one. But, before you just grab the first one you see that has these qualities, there are still a few things you’d have to consider to choose the perfect fit for your cat. 

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curious cat on the floor leaning against a window looking outside

Things To Consider When Choosing A Cat Window Perch

Size and Weight of Your Cat

Before buying any type of cat window perch, it’s always important to measure your cat’s size and weight. These are essential factors to choose the right cat window perch that your cat can comfortably use. The most reliable cat window perch will support the weight of your cat without any problems.

Your cat’s size will help determine the proper dimensions you should choose for a cat window perch. A cat should be able to lay down comfortably and stretch no matter its size. You must ensure that the size is enough so that she can still turn in any direction without any problem. 

The weight of your cat will determine the weight limit of the cat window perch you should buy. Since you’re mounting a cat window perch up the ground, it must hold your cat’s weight. If not, it will fall to the ground, which might also injure your cat. 

You should also consider your cat’s future size and weight. If you still have a kitten, then you can expect that she’ll be growing much bigger. So, why not buy a big cat window perch now so you won’t have to buy a new one in the future? It will help save you money.

Your Window Type

The next thing you should consider when choosing the most reliable cat window perch is your window type. If your window is too thin, it might be impossible for it to hold a cat window perch with your cat on it. This might only cause the glass to shatter and your cat to get injured. 

So, you must first consult with experts if your glass is made to carry a cat window perch. If not, you might prefer a sill-mounted cat window perch instead. This way, your cat will still be able to enjoy perching or sunbathing by the window comfortably and safely. 

Number of Cats You Have

If you’re a multiple cat owner, you also have the option to buy one cat window perch for your two cats. You see, some cat window perches can hold two cats at a time, but of course, depending on the size and weight of the cats. 

These cat window perches are typically made larger and have strong suction cups to make this possible. However, this would only work if your cats like sharing. If not, then you might not have a choice but to buy one for each of them. If you have multiple cats, the most reliable cat window perch will be able to support all of them without a problem.

The Design

Cat window perches come in different designs, so you need to identify what kind of perch your cat would prefer. 

  • Hammock-Type
  • Pod-Type
  • Open-Pod Type
  • Climbing Perch

If you have a large cat who enjoys sunbathing, then a hammock-type will be able to provide what she needs. 

For kittens, you can get them a pod-type or open-pod type to ensure their safety. Large cats won’t do well on these two as they would need to stretch. 

If you have climber cats, you can get them a climber perch. The best thing about this is that the post can be doubled up into a scratching post. 

Most of the time, reliability would depend on the design of the cat window perch. But most especially with the mounting type they have. 

The most common is the suction type, which is mounted directly on the window. Suction cups and support cables should be really strong for this so that the cat window perch won’t wobble. 

Another type is the sill-mounted cat window perch that you can place on a window sill. Instead of suction cups, these use velcro or screws, which makes the support sturdier than the suction-type ones.

Materials Used

To ensure durability and comfort, materials should be of high quality. For the fabric, you need to choose one that comes with a breathable material so your cat can stay long to it without overheating. For support, you need to ensure that the frame is firm, suction cups are strong, and cables are sturdy. The materials used are important to consider when choosing the most reliable cat window perch.


Lastly, try to ask yourself how much you’re willing to spend. Remember, a good cat window perch should be reasonably priced. So, if you can’t afford the expensive ones, go for the more affordable ones that have excellent quality. 

Try to search from eCommerce sites and find the best cat window perches with the features you like. Compare them to each other and choose the most affordable one. 

All these things should help you decide what the perfect cat window perch for your cat is. If you want to find the most reliable cat window perch, look no further, because we have found some for you! 

What Are The Benefits of a Cat Window Perch?

The Short Answer Is There Are Many Benefits! Click The Button Below To Learn More About The Benefits of a Cat Window Perch

The Best Cat Window Perches

We have done extensive research to find the best cat window perches on the market, as well as the most reliable cat window perch. You can find our results below.

NOYAL Cat Resting Window Perch 

First on our list is the cat resting window perch by NOYAL. It features a breathable oxford cloth so your cat can stay on it the whole day without overheating. It has a length of 22 inches, which is large enough for a large cat to lay down and stretch. 

This is a hammock-type cat window perch that features four strong suction cups and stainless steel support cables. It has a weight limit of 30 pounds, which is just right to carry an adult cat. We also love that the product is very easy to assemble, install, and clean. 

PETPAWJOY Cat Window Perch 

Next on our list is the PETPAWJOY Cat Window Perch. It’s also a hammock-type cat window perch that you can mount directly on the wall using the four suction cups and stainless steel support cables. 

The product comes with a breathable oxford cloth so your cat can stay long on the cat window perch without any problems of possible overheating. The plastic frame is sturdy, and the suction cups are strong enough to carry up to 30 pounds of cat weight. 

The product is very easy to assemble to install and will not take more than 5 minutes. But I also really love that the fabric can be washed easily. The 30-day guarantee is also a great bonus. 

ZALALOVA Cat Window Perch

Third, we have the ZALALOVA Cat Window Perch. This is another hammock-style perch made of high-density woven fabric, so it’s breathable and comfortable for your cat to enjoy her hobby the whole day. 

Other than the quality fabric, the cat window perch also features a powerful suction cup so you can mount the cat window perch directly on the window. The support cables are very stable, too, and can help support a cat’s weight of up to 50 pounds. It’s perfect for those who have a large cat or even two. 

We also love the fact that it’s very easy to assemble, install, and clean, which are three of the most important things we’re looking for in a cat window perch. Plus, it comes with a free cat toy that your cat will love. 

Kitty Cot Original Cat Perch

Next, we have the Kitty Cot Original Cat Perch. They pride themselves on great quality and even call their cat window perch the World’s Best. 

The cat perch features four USA-patented suction cups and stainless steel cords, ensuring great stability and durability. It can also carry up to 25 pounds of cat weight. 

The bed is made from thick nylon, which is easy to wash and clean. It’s also very breathable to let your cat stay there without heating. But, they do advise adding an extra mattress to make it comfortable and not too hard. 

What we love about Kitty Cot is that it comes in three different sizes to suit what your cat needs. It’s also very easy to assemble and install, just like every suction-type cat window perches. 

It’s a really great product, but you should also note that this one can be on the pricier side. 

Angela&Alex Window Cat Bed

Last on our list is the Angela&Alex Window Cat Bed. This is more for those on a budget and looking for a good quality cat window perch. It also features an oxford, breathable fabric, a plastic frame, stainless steel support cables, and strong suction. 

In other words, this product promises comfort and durability. Other than that, it’s very easy to install and will not take you 5 minutes to finish. It can hold up to 60 pounds of weight, which makes it perfect for multiple cat owners. 

What Is The Most Reliable Cat Window Perch?

When it comes to picking the most reliable cat window perch, I’d say all of these are reliable. Choosing the right one for your cat, though, would highly depend on what she likes or what she’s comfortable with. 

For us, our best pick among the five would be the NOYAL Cat Window Perch, mainly because it gives us comfort, durability, and ease at a very reasonable price. But you are free to pick whatever you think is the most reliable cat window perch best for your pet.

As a matter of fact, you can even design your own cat window perch and use the most reliable materials for you. This way, you rest assured that your cat is comfortable and safe.

We hope that this article helps you determine what the most reliable cat window perch is for you!

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