After Surgery Wear by Vet Med Wear 1

VetMedWear Recovery Garments Review

The way to a comfortable and successful recovery for your dog after surgery requires the use of a cone alternative, the dog onesie. Even if the veterinarian recommends the traditional e-collar or dog cone, most dog owners don’t agree with it, and I’m one of them. My English Bulldog went

MAXX Dog Recovery Suit 2

MAXX Dog Recovery Suit Review

There’s always been a universal hatred for the e-collar or dog cone. Well, it’s hard to blame owners who don’t want their pup to be wearing something that causes stress and restricts movement. When I got my dog neutered, the vet insisted on the “cone of shame” for post-surgery recovery.

Foreyy Onsie

Foreyy Dog Recovery Suit Review

All dogs must go through a rough patch in their lives, and nothing could be more painful and inconvenient than surgery. When Mat, my French Bulldog got neutered a couple of years back, the two weeks that followed were the most difficult for us. We knew we had to make

alternatives to the cone of shame

The Best Alternatives to the ‘Cone of Shame’ for Dogs

Dog owners would want to do anything to avoid the prospect of surgery for their four-legged buddies. However, there are specific scenarios, i.e., medical conditions and disease that leave you with no other option. After the success of dog surgery, another challenge that you and your dog are about to

Cones vs comfort 2

Can My Dog Wear A Surgical Dog Onesie Instead Of Cone?

It’s aching to see your dog struggle after undergoing surgery. Aside from the pain from the wound, your dog also has to contend with the confusion of having to wear a dog cone. Veterinarians officially refer to it as the “Elizabethan collar,” but most pet owners call it the “cone

dog cone vs surgical onesie

Dog Cone vs Dog Surgical Onesie: Which Is Best?

In this article, we are going to explore the classic dog cone vs dog surgical onesie to explore which is the best way to prevent your dog from licking their wounds after surgery. Dogs lick their wounds every single time they have a chance to do so. It is something

Foreyy Onsie

Best Dog Surgical Onesie For Post-Op Recovery

What is the best dog surgical onesie? Looking for a onesie for dogs after surgery? What the heck is a surgical onesie for dogs? One of the worst days as any pet owner is when your furry friend needs to have surgery. It is hard to see them in discomfort

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