MAXX Dog Recovery Suit Review

December 11, 2020 // 9 minute read

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There’s always been a universal hatred for the e-collar or dog cone. Well, it’s hard to blame owners who don’t want their pup to be wearing something that causes stress and restricts movement. When I got my dog neutered, the vet insisted on the “cone of shame” for post-surgery recovery. But after reading stuff about it, I knew it wasn’t the solution. But I did find an alternative – the dog onesie, like in this MAXX Dog Recovery Suit Review. Also called the dog recovery suit, I never thought at first that it could be a suitable replacement to the Elizabethan collar.

When I bought my first dog recovery suit, I couldn’t hide my doubt since it doesn’t look helpful at all – it’s like more of clothing meant for aesthetics. But when my dog put it on, that was the moment I acknowledged its nifty design intended for covering the wound without restricting movement or hindering the dog’s ability to eat and sleep.

MAXX Dog Onesie and Recovery Suit

MAXX’s take on a recovery suit for dogs focuses on giving your pup as much freedom as possible while it recovers from its post-surgery wounds. No pet deserves to be emotionally tortured with a cone of shame, but your dog also needs something that will make a recovery as seamless as possible. The MAXX dog onesie covers the wound to prevent further irritation and to speed up the healing process. It also prevents the dog from scratching or licking the wound. So, is it the best alternative for the e-collar out there? Learn the highlights of this product with the help of this MAXX Dog Recovery Suit Review, and then we’ll let you decide.

MAXX Dog Recovery Suit Stretchable Fabric

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Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Extended neck coverage is best for covering wounds near that area
  • Covers wounds on the abdomen, back, and sides
  • Reasonably priced product

What's Bad

  • Turtleneck design may annoy some dogs
  • Measurement is a little off in the neck and rear
  • May interfere with the dog’s bathroom routine

Product Highlights

Multifunction Onesie

The MAXX recovery suit is more than just a pet shirt. It offers the best alternative to an e-collar by covering the wound and protecting it. Aside from that, it also prevents the dog from licking, biting, and scratching the same wound by providing zero access. The product isn’t just for post-surgery recovery; you can use it to protect against skin conditions and irritation.

MAXX Dog Recovery Suit Review

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Breathable and Lightweight

The MAXX dog onesie is made from a four-way stretchable fabric, reinforced by breathable and lightweight properties. I prefer dog recovery suits that are light and soft because it won’t cause any annoyance to the dog. Anything rough on the skin and heavy to wear will make the dog uncomfortable. It’ll convince them to start chewing or biting on the material.

Snug Fit

Aside from being a dog recovery outfit, the MAXX dog onesie also acts as a pet warmer. Thanks to its comfort and snug fit design, it works by keeping the pet covered in several parts of its body in a way that it won’t be bothered with it. In other words, it is wearing something that it won’t mind at all. It’s the complete opposite to that of an e-collar.

MAXX Dog Recovery Suit - Comfortable Fit

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Zipper and Inner Layer

This product comes equipped with a nifty opening with a zipper that allows you to check on the wound without the need to remove the recovery suit altogether. There’s also a separate layer inside the suit that you can use to keep cold packs and gauge. It’s especially helpful when you’re out traveling with the dog.

Vet Recommended Design

When veterinarians recommend a product as an ideal alternative to the dog cone or e-collar, it says a lot about its effectiveness. When your dog goes through surgery, the wound needs protection from other dogs because there’s always a possibility of infection when it is licked, bitten, or scratched. The problem with the cone of shame is that it doesn’t protect the wound from other pets. It is why it’s not that surprising for vets to recommend a dog recovery suit like the MAXX onesie.

Potty Use

Although the dog recovery suit covers the poop and pee area of the dog, the design allows you to conveniently roll the fabric up for your pup to take a pee. In other words, there’s no need to remove the clothing in its entirety. Once the dog is done, you can easily button it for maximum protection.

MAXX Dog Recovery Suit Review Of More People

Dog recovery suits and onesies come in all shapes and sizes, but not all are ideally fitted and comfortable for your dog. When making that purchasing decision, be sure to read user reviews to learn of fellow dog owners’ firsthand experience. Before I chose the MAXX dog onesie, I read more than a hundred reviews online. Here are those that stood out:

Joshua immediately realized that the MAXX onesie was the perfect choice because of high neckline coverage that protected his dog’s neck wound.

Joshua Maxx Review

Shari went with the dog cone at first but eventually understood that this onesie offered something way better for her neutered dog.

Shari Maxx Dog Recovery Suit Review

Victoria thought that the cloth e-collar provided the solution for her dog’s post-surgery recovery, but it was a disaster. She recommends this dog recovery suit instead.

Victoria721983 - MAXX Suit

Alternative Products

I consider the MAXX dog recovery suit as an ideal replacement for the e-collar, but not all dog owners will agree. Fortunately, there’s a bevy of options out there that might pique your interest. If you’re unsure if the MAXX dog onesie is your best bet, look at these alternatives for comparison sake:

After Surgery Wear by Vet Med Wear

While the MAXX recovery suit for dogs is ideal for small and medium-sized breeds, this product is flexible enough to accommodate and fit pooches from extra small to large ones. This is possible with the adjustable strings and stretchable fabric material. This dog onesie is made from pure cotton and is easily washable. Go to this link if you’re looking for a more comprehensive review on this product.


One of the unique things about FOREYY’s version of a dog onesie is the soft cotton pad located on the belly portion. It allows for a more comfortable experience for your puppy. Like the MAXX dog onesie, it is made from a breathable and lightweight fabric that encourages constant airflow. Although the fabric material covers the wound, it allows air to circulate to help speed up the healing process. Learn more about this dog onesie through this link.


It’s hard to argue about this onesie and diaper keeper when it comes to premium quality. It shares the same snug fit with the MAXX recovery suit, plus it is versatile enough to provide protection for the wound and keep the dog stress-free even with extended use. See this ingeniously designed dog onesie here.

MAXX Dog Recovery Suit Review Conclusion

The way to your dog’s recovery after surgery is not as smooth-sailing as you’d hope for. But if you heed my advice on how to make it as stress-free as possible, then go for a dog recovery suit to protect the wound instead of the conventional e-collar. There’s a significant difference between the two, and I’m one of the many dog owners out there who can attest to it. Back then, the stress of having to take care of a “wounded” dog after surgery almost consumed me, but that’s no longer the case when I discovered the dog recovery suit.

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Things You Must Factor in the Purchase of a Dog Recovery Suit

If you’re buying a dog recovery suit or onesie for the first time, you could easily get overwhelmed by the different choices. It’s not like you pick one based on the color or design since these onesies are meant to provide maximum protection to your dog’s wound after surgery. They’re called surgical onesies for a reason. When you shop for a onesie, factor in these things:

Material – A dog onesie is only deemed effective when your dog doesn’t mind wearing it. When it comes to comfort, the first thing to look out for is the material from which the dog recovery suit is made from. You want something that’s made of cotton since it is soft and breathable. Cheap dog recovery onesies are made from low-quality material that brings out itchiness and irritation.

Fit – A dog recovery suit can either be loose or snug. Your choice depends on how your dog reacts to it. For example, dogs that are annoyed by something put on them are likely to bite or chew on a loose-fitting onesie. It’s not something you want because it’ll expose the wound. On the other hand, a snug fit may be uncomfortable for some dogs, which will stress them out.

Brand – The brand of dog recovery suit matters since not all of them offer premium material construction and design. Pick a dog onesie from a well-established manufacturer so that your money won’t go to waste and you don’t end up buying another one soon after.

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