how often to change water in cat fountain

How Often To Change Water In Cat Fountain

Now that you’ve got your cat a water fountain, the main question is “How often to change water in cat fountain?” There are many answers to this question and all of them might be right. Some say that they just top it up when needed but what else does changing

how to clean a cat water fountain

How To Clean A Cat Water Fountain

Water is something that every animal needs to survive. Their natural instincts will want to find cool moving water to quench their thirst. As domesticated cats, they will not be able to find any streams of water around your neighborhood, not unless you live near a river, or a lake. 

why doesn't my cat like her new window perch

Why Doesn’t My Cat Like Her New Window Perch?

As cat owners, I’m sure we have all seen our cat sitting near the window just watching the view outside. It’s that part of the day that they truly enjoy as they can see birds chirping, people walking by, cars passing, or dogs fighting. However, once your cat positions herself

why won't my cat sleep in their heated bed

Why Won’t My Cat Sleep In Their Heated Bed?

Cats are known to love warm places, which is why we often find them by the window sills, a sun puddle on the floor, a pile of clothes from the dryer, and more. But when it’s winter, sometimes these warm areas are not enough to keep them warm.  It’s a

most reliable cat window perch

What Is The Most Reliable Cat Window Perch?

A cat window perch is probably one of the best things you can give to your cat, who loves perching by the window to watch the scenery outside. It can be mounted directly on a window, a windowsill, or the wall of our house, giving your cat the perfect access

How To Install A Cat Window Perch

How To Install A Cat Window Perch

Cats are curious animals, and that’s already a given fact. They love watching birds, people walking by, cars passing, dogs fighting, and more interesting things. It makes them enjoy their day more, and this is already part of their daily lives.  Sometimes, this desire of theirs will let them climb

how does a heated cat bed work

How Does A Heated Cat Bed Work?

Cats always love to nap or stay in warm spots in our homes. This can be on the window sills, on the patio, on the floor near the window where the sun’s rays can hit her, at the back of the appliances, by the vent, and more other areas.  Although

cat losing fur in heated bed

Cat Losing Fur In Heated Bed: Why Is This Happening?

Seeing that your cat is losing fur can be nerve-wracking. The first question you’d probably have is “why”.  Honestly, there are tons of reasons and possibilities why your cat loses fur. But, if it so happens that your cat started losing fur just after you’ve bought a heated cat bed,

why do dogs get separation anxiety

Why Do Dogs Get Separation Anxiety?

Messy house, furniture chewed on, puddles of pee everywhere, scratches on the floor, bite marks on the window sills, a noted complaint from the neighbor – these are among the many scenarios most dog owners come home to after their 9-5 job. The suspect? No one else but their adorable

dog separation anxiety

Dog Separation Anxiety: Does My Pooch Have It?

Going to your 9-5 job and getting home to a house full of mess can always be very frustrating. There are puddles of pee everywhere, scratches on the floor, a bite mark on the furniture, household items torn apart, and a lot more crazy situations you can expect from your

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