Why Doesn’t My Cat Like Her New Window Perch?

September 15, 2022 // 13 minute read

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As cat owners, I’m sure we have all seen our cat sitting near the window just watching the view outside. It’s that part of the day that they truly enjoy as they can see birds chirping, people walking by, cars passing, or dogs fighting.

However, once your cat positions herself in the most uncomfortable or dangerous places, that makes us uncomfortable, too. Because of this, manufacturers have created cat window perches so your cat can enjoy her hobby in a safe and comfortable location. 

But, if your cat doesn’t use the window perch, have you ever wondered “Why doesn’t my cat like her new window perch?” If so, you’re not alone. Keep reading to learn more!

why doesn't my cat like her new window perch

Why Do Cats Love It? 

Cat window perches are designed to be mounted directly or near a window so your cat can enjoy the view outside. At the same time, it gives them full access to the sun’s heat so they can enjoy sunbathing all day.

For me, I consider this already a must-have, and lots of cats really love it due to the following reasons: 

It Gives Them Warmth

The sun’s rays, as they hit your cat’s bodies, give your cat warmth and somehow make them relax. This is why you’d often see your cat sunbathing. 

By buying your cat a cat window perch, you’ll be able to give them a spot to enjoy this hobby more. As the cat window perch is mounted on the window, he can get full access to the sun’s rays. At the same time, you give them fewer reasons to sunbathe on the floor where more people pass by them. 

It Gives Them Privacy

Another reason your cat loves a cat window perch is that it gives them a sense of privacy. Cats love their space. By giving them their spot to do what they love, such as sunbathing and watching the scenery outside, you make your cat appreciate you more. 

It Makes Them Feel Safe

Other than feeling a sense of privacy, cats also love feeling safe on a cat window perch. As they are mounted upon a window, they get this sense of security that no predators will be able to get them. It makes them feel relaxed throughout the day. 

It’s Comfortable

Also, who doesn’t love comfort, right? 

Cat window perches come in different designs, and depending on the design you choose, you can provide your cat with the best cat window bed. You can also get a separate mattress to make the perch comfier so that your cat can stay on it the whole day. 

It’s a VIP Seat

Lastly, cats love a cat window perch as it is a VIP seat to see the full view outside. This is the most entertaining part of their day, and by being mounted up the window, they get the best view. It really helps in making her not feel bored. 

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cat sitting near a window

Why Doesn’t My Cat Like Her New Window Perch? 6 Possible Reasons

What we’ve listed above are all great reasons for a cat to love a cat window perch. However, not all cats are the same. Some cats don’t like window perches, and some owners just think that it might be because cats prefer being on the floor or on top of the sofa. Have you ever wondered “Why doesn’t my cat like her new window perch?”

There is a variety of that may explain why your cat doesn’t like the new window perch. Below, I’ve enumerated the possible answers to why your cat doesn’t like her cat window perch. 

The Smell

One answer to “Why doesn’t my cat like her new window perch?” is because of a chemical-like smell coming off the cat window perch fabric. This can be the culprit to why your cat wouldn’t like to rest on your newly bought perch. So, it’s definitely the first thing you might want to check. 

Remember, cats have much more sensitive noses than us. So, a smelly fabric material will be twice or three times more smelly for your cats. 

If you’ve found that this is the reason, be sure to wash up the fabric before you let your cat use it.  Wash it a couple of times as needed until you remove that awful smell. If after that and your cat still doesn’t use it, you might need to check other reasons. 

The Durability

Next, check the durability of your cat window perch. 

Once your cat climbs up the window perch and discovers that it’s wobbling, this will make her feel scared, and she may not try again. Another bad experience is if the window perch falls while they’re on it. 

To get rid of this possible, you need to make sure that the cat window perch is durable by testing it out. How? Just firmly press your hand against the fabric and try if it will fall down. If it does, try to figure out if you’ve followed the manufacturer’s installment instructions

What’s usually recommended is to clean out the windows first. After that, dip the suction cups (if you have a suction-type cat window perch) in hot water, dry them, then press firmly to the glass’s surface. This should make the cat window perch stable and perfect for your cat to use. If you’re still wondering “Why doesn’t my cat like her new window perch?”, keep reading!

The Fabric Material

If the smell and durability are not your problems, you might need to check the fabric materials. 

As we mentioned above, cats love comfort, so you need to make sure that they’re lying down on comfortable fabric material. What we usually recommend is to find a cat window perch that comes with a breathable cloth material so your cat can stay on it for a long time without overheating. 

Another option you have is to buy your cat an extra mattress. Place this on top of her window perch to make it a bed she can lie on comfortably the whole day. 

The Location

Next, try to consider the location of the cat window perch. If you noticed that your cat wouldn’t use her hammock and is perching on another window instead, then it could be that you have placed the hammock on the wrong window. The answer to “Why doesn’t my cat like her new window perch?” may be as simple as changing the location of the window perch.

You always need to make sure that you install the cat window perch in a window your cat mostly uses. This is because she knows this is where she can get the best view or have better access to the sun’s rays. 

You should also make sure that you’re not placing the item near anything hazardous such as an open flame. 

The Height

The height of a cat window perch matters just as much as the location. No matter how good climbers cats are, window perches shouldn’t be too high or too low. 

Try to consider your cat’s age. If it’s a young kitten, then it’s probably best to settle the cat window perch at a lower level and adjust it as your cat matures. The same thing if your cat is too old as climbing may not be something she would love to do anymore. 

In other words, place the cat window perch at a height where your cat will be comfortable climbing up on it or where your cat can get the best view. 

The Design

Lastly, if you’re still wondering “Why doesn’t my cat like her new window perch?”, consider the design of the perch you got for your cat. Cat window perches come in different designs, and if your cat doesn’t like her cat window perch, it’s probably because of this. Let’s check out the different cat window perch designs. 

  • Hammock-Type: This is an open-type cat window perch that can give your cat full access to the sun’s rays. This is best for cats who love sunbathing and also for large cats who need a full-body stretch. 
  • Pod-Type: This cat window perch is opposite the hammock-type. It’s enclosed on all sides, so access to the sun’s rays is limited. It’s the best choice for small kittens who can still manage to stretch inside. At the same time, it makes them feel safe. 
  • Open-Pod Type: This is a combination of the hammock and pod-type cat window perch. It’s enclosed on the sides but open on the top. Again, this may not be the best choice for larger cats who would need a bigger space to stretch. It’s also best for cats who need to feel safer. 
  • Sill-Mounted: As the name implies, this cat window perch is mounted on the windowsill instead of the glass’s flat surface. It’s also open on all four sides, giving your cat full access to the sun’s rays. This is also perfect for cat owners with weak glass windows and cats who are not fond of heights. 
  • Climbing Perch: This is a cat window perch made for cats who love to climb. It’s a combination of a cat window perch and a climbing post. The climbing post can be doubled as a scratching post, too, which your cats would truly love. 
  • Cat Window Seat: Lastly, for cats who just want to enjoy the view and not lay down, you can provide them with a cat window seat. It’s also mounted on the windows, but the tray is circular, so it doesn’t allow your cat to lie down. 

Most cat owners would prefer a hammock-style cat window perch as it is usually all-around, and your cats can enjoy lots of benefits already. Cats have different preferences, so even if hammock-style works for most, it may not be the one for your cat. 

Choose your cat’s window perch design wisely by assessing your cat’s traits. So, it’s best if you really know your cat. 

What Is The Most Reliable Cat Window Perch?

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The Benefits Your Cat is Missing If They Don’t Use The Cat Window Perch

We’ve already shared why most cats love cat window perches. However, if your cat is one of those who don’t, here are some benefits he might be missing. And, if you have already bought a window perch and are wondering “Why doesn’t my cat like her new window perch?”, then read on to learn about the benefits so that you can get your cat to enjoy it!

Gets Rid Of Boredom

Even if your cat can perch on a window without a cat window perch and still be entertained, we have to admit that it can be uncomfortable for them. 

With a cat window perch, your cat gets to enjoy the view outside and inside their home. At the same time, you make him comfortable to ensure that he just enjoys himself. This helps him relax, which eventually relaxes you, too. 


The next benefit of having a cat window perch is it gets your cat exercised. As the item is mounted on a window, it would require your cat to climb, giving them time to actually exercise their limbs. It would help a lot of large cats who might be almost obese. 

Scratching Pad

If you don’t know it yet, most manufacturers design their cat window perch as scratch-proof. Meaning, that no matter what scratching your cat does, it won’t get damaged. 

As cats really need to scratch, this is a great benefit offered. Besides being able to save money for scratch pads, you can just get a cat window perch. Talk about dual purpose! 

How To Get Your Cat To Like Her Cat Window Perch

Now that you know why your cat may not like her cat window perch and what benefits she’s missing, the last thing you’ve got to do now is to make sure your cat likes what you buy her. How do you get your cat to like the window perch when you’re still asking yourself “Why doesn’t my cat like her new window perch?” 

1) Slowly Introduce Your Cat To It

Aside from the reasons stated above, it could be that your cat seems puzzled as to what this new item you’ve shown her. So, as much as possible, try to introduce it to her slowly. Try to explain what’s the purpose. 

It may take a few days before she actually gets used to the cat window perch, so it always helps to be patient. 

2) Find a Solution to The Problem

From the reasons I’ve enumerated above, try to figure out which of those is the problem and find the best solution. 

If the location is the problem, transfer the window perch to another spot. If it’s the smell, wash the fabric until it disappears. If it’s the fabric material, then you might need to buy an extra mattress. 

Once you solve the problem, your cat would finally get to enjoy her cat window perch. 

3) Choose the Right Cat Window Perch

Most of the time, prevention is better than cure. You can get rid of any future problems if you choose the right cat window perch from the moment you buy it. Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Size and Weight of Your Cat: Cat window perches come in different sizes and weight limits. Find one that is appropriate to your cat’s size and weight to ensure comfortability and durability.
  • The Design: As we mentioned above, cats have different preferences. What works for one cat may not work for the other, so choose a design that your cat would love. What that is, you’re the one who should know. 
  • Materials Used: Materials would determine the quality of the product. The better the materials used, the more durable it is, and the longer your cat would be able to use them. There’s also a higher chance that your cat would be comfortable with it immediately. 
  • Accessories: There are cat window perches that come with freebies like cat toys. If your cat loves those, it can be something worth investing in. 
cat scratching curtain next to window and looking outside


We hoped we helped you answer “Why doesn’t my cat like her new window perch?” Cat window perches are something that would benefit your cat, so don’t give up if he doesn’t like them immediately. Sometimes, your cat would only need an introduction to the item, or you might need to figure out what’s wrong. As most house cats are domesticated, it may be difficult for them to enjoy a window perch at first.

The list we provided above would help you figure out why your cat doesn’t like her new cat window perch. And if you haven’t found one yet, it’s best to assess better the things needed to consider before buying.

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