BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover Review

January 8, 2021 // 8 minute read

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Dogs are one of the best companions when taking a trip. It may be to the beach, a hike or just plainly driving around town to the park. However, taking them into the back seat of your car means that they are not fully safe, neither is your car seat. The BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover answers this issue with a secure way to travel with your furry friend.

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover Review

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover

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The BarksBar Pet Seat Cover is an easily transformable seat cover from a dog hammock to a bench style cover in just a flash. It is made with waterproof polyester fabric for the comfort and safety of your furry friend. It also includes velcro openings for the seatbelts seat anchors to avoid the hammock from moving around.

It can protect your back seat from spills, scratches, dirt and hair. It provides you with 2 pockets for storing your treats or additional items you may need in the car for your dog. It is designed with color-fast material to prevent color bleeding on your car seat. It can also withstand extreme temperatures.

Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Machine washable
  • Velcro openings for seatbelts
  • Two different sizes: Standard and Large
  • Budget Friendly

What's Bad

  • Only comes in Black
  • Materials are not as durable as it claims to be
  • Straps breaks over time

BarkBar Pet Seat Cover Key Features

Durable Material

The BarksBar Cover is made with heavy-duty, waterproof, polyester material that is built for durability and comfort. It includes velcro openings that allow you to still use the seatbelt. It has seat anchors that prevent the cover from sliding around and make it completely safe for your furry friends.

This cover is waterproof that can protect your car seat from sustaining water damage. It can also protect your car seat from the dirt, rocks, and scratches that it can sustain after a day of hiking or swimming in the beach. With the polyester fabric, it can prevent hair and fur to stick to your back seat.

However, there are some that report that it is not as durable as it may seem. It is maybe best for medium to small dogs that cannot do too much damage on the cover itself.

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover

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Dual Use 4/5

The car seat cover from BarksBar is easily convertible between a hammock and a standard bench-style cover. It is equipped with side flaps that can protect even the side of your car seat when mounting and demounting your furry friend.

With this flexible use, you can easily accommodate humans and many more furry friends at one time. A hammock to fill the back seat with multiple dogs and a cover when going on a beach trip with your human and furry friends.

Easy to Install and Clean

This cover is very easy to install. All you have to do is to snap the buckle straps and tuck in the seat anchors to hold it in place.  You can adjust the reinforced headrest straps to tailor the fit to your back seats. For the hammock feature, just snap the bottom buckle straps to the front seats headrests.

The BarksBar is machine-washable with use of the gentle or delicate cycle. Air drying is the best way to let it dry. After every trip, you can easily clean it with a vacuum or wipe off the dirt with just a damp cloth.

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover

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What Other Users Say About The BarksBar Seat Cover

Having searched for numerous car seat covers, I have compiled some reviews that were written by actual users of the BarksBar Seat Cover:

Kay loves the BarksBar cover. She says that it is very durable. Her dog has done virtually everything you could imagine and still it is intact. Her 50 pound furry friend sleeps during the ride and doesn’t slide when she stands.

BarksBar Oringinal Pet Seat Cover - Kay

Otis Johnson was bummed that there were no instructions that came in the box but found it easy enough to install. His dog’s piercing nails do not destroy his leather back seats anymore.

BarksBar Oringinal Pet Seat Cover - Otis Johnson

Gina Houp was so glad that she got the BarksBar cover. She says that this cover literally saved her back seat from mud, dirt, rock, and sharp nails.

BarksBar Oringinal Pet Seat Cover - Gina Houp

Things to consider before buying a Dog Seat Cover

Before you go out and get yourself a dog seat hammock, here are some of the things you might want to consider:

Durable Material

Durability is the most important feature that you should look for. These dog hammocks are made with different material and some are more durable than others. This also might depend on what kind and how big your furry friend is. If you have a bigger, stronger dog, you might want to get the most durable car seat cover.

Your car seat being waterproof is part of its durability. You want it to withstand any damage that can happen with your dog. With waterproof covers, they also must be easy to clean. Some may be machine washable and some may just be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Seat Style

There are many different styles and sizes of seats. Seat covers also come in different sizes and styles. Some are for trucks and some are for sedans and SUVs. You must choose the right one to fully protect your car from scratches.

There are also some car seat covers that can be used as a hammock and a bench style car seat cover just by folding so parts of the cover. This can be very useful for many different situations especially when traveling with dogs and humans alike.

Alternative Pet Seat Cover Options

There are many other different options for you to choose from if the Barks Bar Pet Seat Cover is not the one for you. Check these other dog seat covers that may suit your needs more:

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover

The URPOWER Dog Seat Cover helps you ride your dog anywhere. It is made of 4 layers of protective material that can protect your car seat from scratches, water spills, and many more. This dog seat cover can fit in most cars, trucks, SUVs, and other automobiles. It is perfect for pet owners with different sizes of furry friends.

This dog seat hammock also has 4 sets of adjustable plastic clips so it can securely stay on your back seat with minimal movement. It is antislip and has velcro openings for the seat belts. These are only some features that make the URPOWER Dog Seat Cover the best in its category.

SUPSOO Dog Car Seat Cover

The SUPSOO Dog Car Seat Cover is a dog seat that can protect your car from scratches, water, and scratches while on your trip with your furry friend. It is made with three layers of very durable material that is waterproof, anti-scratch, and anti-slip.

It is equipped with numerous straps that anchor on to your car’s headrests to keep the cover secure and safe to use. It also includes pocket storage that can be useful to store some treats, dog food, and other items that you may need for your furry friend. Most of all, it is easy to clean and easy to bring anywhere.

iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers

Another companion you may want on your trip would be the iBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover. It is a waterproof, anti-scratch, and machine washable car seat cover for dogs. It is equipped with side flaps that can protect your car seats from your dog’s nails when mounting them in the car.

It has excellent size and can fit most cars. It is non-slip so you can rest easy and know that it will not cause any accidents. The makers of the iBuddy dog seat cover guarantee that they are easy to install with easy to snap on and off buckles.

Our Final Thoughts...

The BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover is one of the most budget-friendly seat covers you can get. It may not have many different styles and colors but it gets the job done. It is made with durable material that can surely protect your back seat and make your furry friend comfortable. If you are not so fussy about the design of the cover, then the BarksBar Cover is your best bet. Or, check out other options in our complete review of the best hammock-styled car seats here.

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