puppy with harness

What Age Can You Use A Harness With A Puppy

Most people get dogs that are at eight weeks of age. You can begin basic training during that time, including leash walking. Many handlers ask questions line “Should I get a collar or harness for puppy?” or  “What age can you put a harness on a puppy?” In reality, both

image of a dog with a harness

How To Measure Your Dog For A Dog Harness

Just like with humans, dogs are not sized the same. If you have an 18-inch long dog, then that does not mean that all 18-inch dogs are the same size. And although it is often recommended to choose a size based on weight, a 40-lb. However,  this does not always

image of a chocolate labrador

Petcube Vs Furbo: Which Should I Choose For My Dog?

A pet treat camera helps dog parents keep a watchful eye on your pet. It allows you to keep track of their behavior and interact with them while you are away. When you are out of the house, your pooch is likely to get lonely and bored. With a pet

dog talking on phone

Choosing Between Skymee Vs Furbo Pet Products

Most days, it is inevitable for you to leave home and your dog because of work and other commitments. As much as you want to spend more time with your furry best friend, it just isn’t always possible to stay home with your pet. This is why you should invest

image of puppies on dog camera

Pet Treat Cams: Furbo Vs. Petchatz

Our pets have a prominent role in our lives. They make our life more enjoyable and meaningful. And leaving them at home while we go to work or do our other commitments can be hard. This is where pet treat cameras come into good use. Pet cams are connected cameras

Petmate Pooper-scooper

Best Dog Pooper-scooper Product Review

Imagine this: your family members are playing out in your yard and someone yells that they’ve stepped in poop! That’s definitely not an ideal situation for anyone involved. To make sure this horror never happens, you want to make sure you actively scoop up your dog’s business with the best

Petmate Booda Dome

Best Litter Box For Messy Cats

If you’re a proud cat owner, you know how difficult and high maintenance your feline friend can be sometimes. The litterbox is no exception. Cats instinctively bury their droppings in the wild, and they need a safe space indoors where they can peacefully do their business. That’s where finding the

dog with a camera

Pet Treat Cams: Furbo Vs. Pawbo

As dog parents, we often miss our furry pets badly even though we’ll be seeing them at the end of the day. This is why it is a good idea to invest in a pet cam like Furbo vs Pawbo Dog Camera. A pet cam is a technological device that

cat climbing a cat tree

How To Get A Cat To Use A Cat Tree

It is frustrating when you purchase a deluxe item for your feline friends like a cat tree, but they end up ignoring it. They would still instead climb up on your sofa while the climber you just bought gathers dust to the side. Or maybe they seem to like the

image of a cat tree with a kitten on it

Where To Put A Cat Tree For Optimal Use

Cats love to climb trees in the wild. That instinct hasn’t gone away even if they have been domesticated. You will often see them climb the high places in your house like the stairs, the countertops, and the shelves. A lot of owners will even provide them with an indoor

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