Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser Toy Review

August 21, 2020 // 9 minute read

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Are you looking for something to distract your cat while you do other important tasks? In these fast-paced times where we’re always on the go, we need something to keep our cats busy while we are not there to play with them. The best toys for cats who stay indoors, like the one in our Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser Toy review, is a toy that you can just leave for your cat to play while you’re busy doing something else.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Laser Cat Toy

Buying for our pets is always a hit and miss. We buy something that we think our cats would like and sometimes just end up in the storage room only to be played with twice and then forgotten. Before we actually purchase a toy for our cats at home there are some things that we should consider to make sure those toys are to be put to proper use.


As pet owners, we should always put the safety of our cats as our top priority. We have to make sure that there is nothing about the toy that can harm them. Whether it be falling on them, something they can swallow, or anything else that would make you rush t the emergency room.

Unique Design

Today, we see a lot of things that are the same, the only differences that we see are the prices at first glance. We must take some time to check what other features a toy can give us. Sometimes it’s just straight forward like a fishing rod toy you can entertain them for hours. However, there are some electronic toys that offer more than just your normal toy. In these cases, we have to know what they can offer to keep our cats entertained.


Talking about keeping our cats entertained, cats are easy to please, most of the time. Laser Cat Toys give your furry friend endless amounts of entertainment and fun. Just press a button and watch your kitty try to catch the red dot that zooms around in the living room. It’s a whole lot of excitement for him and even for you as well.

Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser Toy Overview

Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser Toy Review

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The Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy is the newest and most popular cat toy in the market today. That’s why I decided to write this Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser Toy Review. The laser cat toy is constructed like a cone with a diamond top where the laser is housed. It has a big sturdy base that will not topple over easily. Additionally, it is perfect for self-play of cats and they are entertained for hours. It is randomizing its pattern so your cat’s natural instinct will be tested and improved. It is powered via AA batteries (not included) so you can take it anywhere you want even when traveling with your furry friend. The way this toy is shaped, it gives your cat a larger playing area than other toys out there.

Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Big sturdy base
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 3 modes of randomized play
  • It is heaps of fun

What's Bad

  • Not the cheapest toy you can find
  • Some people find that it is not random enough for the cat
  • Narrow play area

Core Features

Sturdy Base

One that you might be worried about is that the cat will be toppling over the device while they’re playing. With the Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy, you need not worry because it has a base that can support heavy playing and will not be toppled over easily. This laser toy is built almost like a cone with a diamond top that houses the laser itself. Rest assured that your toy will be safe from any damage that might incur in the house.

Modes of Play

This laser cat toy has 3 different modes that are available for use at any time. You can choose from slow, fast, and random. The slow mode allows your cat to follow and chase the laser for relaxed play. The faster option gives your furry friend the thrill of the chase and speeds up for them to run around and try to get the laser pointed on the floor of your home. The random mode is when most cats go crazy because this completely randomizes where the laser is going to go. You nor your cat will be able to predict. It can go fast, then slow then fast again. This not only hones your cat’s natural instincts for hunting but also gives them good exercise throughout the day.

Friends Forever Cat Laser Toy Review

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Automatic Timer

With the three modes of play, it also has an automatic timer that completes a round of play in 15 mins. You can then choose a different mode for your cat to play or take some time to rest after chasing the light around for 15 mins. He can get some water to refresh himself and come back renewed and the fun can start again. However, this does run on batteries so better buy some while you’re out getting this amazing toy.

Health and Exercise

As said, this toy not only does it enhance and hone your cat’s natural instincts but also keeps your cat’s health in check. This is a good toy to use for exercise. They get so interested in trying to catch the laser light that they end up going around for 15 mins trying to get it and trap it. Although we know inevitably that they will not get it, they have no idea. So they can be playing for some time and little do they know that they are already exercising their body and keeping fit.

What Others Say About Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser

We have scoured the net for some reviews about the Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy and here are some of that we found:

Barbi U - Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Barbi U likes the fact that the toy makes her life easier. Her cats get to play while she takes a break from work and from playing with them.

Michele Mackenzie - Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Michelle says that it is the best cat entertainment out there. She also loves the durability of the toy with it being dropped numerous times over 5 years. And it is only until then that they got a replacement because the cats love it so much.

Martini - Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Martini thinks that every cat owner should have this toy. His cat loves everything about this toy. The only downside for him is that he wishes the distance of the laser was a bit further.

Alternatives To The Friends Forever Cat Laser Toy

If the Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy is something that your cat will not love or you know that they will get bored easily with, here are a few options that can keep your cat active and interested.

Running Pet Cat Toy

The Running Pet Cat Toy enriches your cat’s mind and body. A moving electronic mouse goes around in four varying speeds: low, medium, high, and variable speeds. A toy that can keep your cat interested for hours on end. Not only can this Running Pet Cat Toy keep your cat’s mind going but also can get them physically active and get some exercise in. This toy also reacts to your cat’s touch. This is also battery operated much like our Friends Forever Laser Cat Toy. But people say that this is a must-have for every cat home.

Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree

The Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree prides itself with an improved design that promotes slow feeding with cats. The Senses 2.0 now has a narrower opening at the top to prohibit your furry friend from pawing the food at the opening. It has many sides to where your cat can try to paw out their food, thus feeding them slowly while engaging his mind at the same time. You can adjust the difficulty by rotating the middle disc to adjust the size of the opening. You can stimulate your furry friend’s mind in many different ways. Feeding them this way allows them to get a reward of some sort for solving a riddle.

Catit Hagen Treat Ball

The Catit Hagen Treat Ball combines a toy ball and a treat dispenser. You can fill the ball with treats in a bigger opening and they can come out in another opening which is smaller. This toy works like a screw to where your furry friend can paw and roll the ball around to try to get the treat to fall out from the toy ball. You can only open one hole at a time. You can also twist it to turn it into a regular ball for your cat to p[lay with. This is a puzzle ball that your cat can engage in and stimulate his mind. The treat ball comes in two colors: Blue and Pink.

Our Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading my Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser Toy Review. Overall, the Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy would be an amazing addition to your cat’s toy collection. It will keep them running around for a period of time. It can keep your furry friend healthy and stimulated. If you have a kitty that loves lights and laser and are stimulated by it, this laser cat toy is perfect to purchase for your home. Watch and enjoy your cat trying endlessly to trap the light in their paws. It is a lot of fun for them and you as well.

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