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Keep your cat stylish with these fashionable cat items

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Carriers & Travel

Travel safe with your cat, check out these carriers & travel items.

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Collars & Leashes

Collars & Leashes for all breeds of cats. Click the button to read more.

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Check out all types of cat equipment for your feline friends here!

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Get the latest on cat food and nutrition products and advice.


Keep your pet smelling and looking great with these grooming products.

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View our reviews of cat health care products and advice here.

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Say, Come, Fetch, and more! Check out these training products & advice.

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Let your feline have fun & exercise with these cat toys.

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Nothing is better than a great comfy night sleep, even for cats!

Blitzwolf Cat Carrier

Blitzwolf Cat Carrier Space Capsule Backpack Review

Do you ever find yourself wanting to take your cat with you out on a walk? Maybe you have to bring him with you everywhere. If you do, what you need is a cat backpack. There are a lot of different kinds in the market but one I’d like to

LEMONDA Pet Carrier

LEMONDA Portable Cat Backpack Review

Have you ever wanted a bag or carrier to take your cat out on a trip that looked stylish enough to take to the park? Maybe you just don’t want to leave them alone at home and want to bring them everywhere you go. There are new stylish pet carriers

Lollimeow Pet Carrier

Lollimeow Cat Backpack Review

Do you have an adventurous cat that just loves going around but gets too tired after a few minutes? It’s not easy traveling with a pet that is small but loves going around. Pet carriers are now available everywhere, but there’s one problem. Which one do you choose? In this

Pecute Cat Carrier Backpack

Pecute Cat Carrier Backpack Review

Are you the active type of person who likes to bring their cats along with them on their trips? Whether it be hiking, camping, or plainly just traveling somewhere new. I know how it could be so stressful to travel with your pet. Luckily, there are now new products out

Solid Gold Indigo Moon Dry Cat Food

Solid Gold Indigo Moon Dry Cat Food Review

The one thing I learned about cat food in all my years of buying a handful of brands is that you can’t trust all of them. There were a handful of times when I felt terrible upon seeing my buddy suffer because of an allergy or indigestion, all because I

how to care for a cat with diabetes

Basic Guidelines For Diabetic Cat Care

There’s nothing to be afraid of when you find out that your cat has diabetes. It may scare you the first time the vet tells you about it, but feline diabetes is something you can manage. The truth you must look at it as an added challenge to prove your

image of an older cat that has feline diabetes

Diabetic Cats Require Extra Attention When It Comes to Food

Diabetes is a condition that affects cats. It prevents their system from processing sugar, leading to serious health risks. Like humans, there also are risk factors in felines, including obesity, pancreatitis, and the effect of certain medications. There’s a possibility of remission in some breeds of cats with the help

Best Litter Boxes For Odor Control

Best Litter Boxes for Odor Control, A View At 5 Top Products

You love your cats like they are part of the family, but there’s no denying the stinky home you get out of having them inside. It is not like your feline buddies are gross, it’s just that those litter boxes you use are the ones that make your living space

Pecute Cat Carrier Backpack

Best Cat Backpacks

Traveling with your pet has become more and more popular. If you have an especially adventurous feline, then your pet will enjoy going to places with you through a cat backpack. It also makes it a lot easier for you because a backpack helps distribute your cat‘s weight more evenly,

Coronavirus pets

Pets And Coronavirus Disease (2020) COVID-19

This article is being written on March 19, 2020, but due to the rapidly changing circumstances of COVID-19, some details may change quicker than we can keep the article updated. The world has changed as we know it with many people confined to their homes in implementing social distancing practices.

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