Afghan Hound

October 7, 2020 // 6 minute read

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The Afghan Hound is an ancient dog that stands at the height of 27 inches. These dogs are majestic in appearance, featuring a long, beautiful, and silky coat that covers their string bodies. They have long heads and muzzles matched with eyes that always seem to stare at a distance.

These unique-looking dogs are known to be independent but affectionate dogs to their family. However, no matter how elegant their beauty is, these dogs are not for everyone. They are hunting dogs, and their active nature will need someone to cope with their daily activities.

Afghan Hound 2

Afghan Hound Statistics

Dog Breed GroupHound
Breed SizeMedium
Height25-27 inches
Weight50-60 pounds
Lifespan12-15 years

Afghan Hound Ratings

Energy level
Exercise needs
Requires attention
Friendly with family
Friendly with kids
Friendly with strangers
Friendly with other dogs
Prey Drive

Afghan Hound History

Afghan Hounds are known to be ancient dogs from the sighthound family. They are believed to have been developed by people from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern India thousands of years ago.

Because they are old breeds, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact time and place they were developed. Records have been lost through time. But many believed that the dogs were used in course games across the mountainous terrain in the region.

The earliest record of Afghan Hounds was believed to be in 1925. This was when dogs were imported to England and were finally sent to America. A year later, the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1926.

The dogs’ popularity only rose in the late 1970s because of Beauty, the Afghan hound pet of the Barbie doll. At the same time, the dogs excelled in lure coursing competitions, which boosted their popularity.

Now, Afghan Hounds rank 113th as the most popular dog breed in the US. They are no longer used for hunting, but they make excellent house pets and show dogs. Plus, their beauty will surely make everyone’s head turn.

Afghan Hound Temperament

The American Kennel Club describes Afghan Hounds as dignified, profoundly loyal, and aristocratic dogs. As hunting dogs, you can expect them to be independent and self-confident. But, some Afghan Hounds come with a rather clownish personality that will make you laugh.

Afghan Hounds are naturally quiet indoors. However, they should not be left without human interaction for long periods. If you allow them to get bored, you must prepare yourself for a lot of destruction in the form of chewing objects, running around, or barking.

These dogs are more of one-person or one-family dogs – devoted, loving, and affectionate to every member, including children.

You can expect them to be standoffish or timid with strangers. Some are even likely to bark when suspicious comes around. They are also friendly with other dogs, but their hunting prey drive will likely make them chase smaller animals.

Socialization and training are essential to building their confidence. It will also make them more well-rounded. Make sure to bring lots of patience as they can be very stubborn. Remember not to treat them harshly as this will only cause more harm.

Afghan Hound Care Requirements

  • Nutrition: Afghan Hounds require a high-quality and well-balanced meal to help support their daily activities. One meal should consist of all the essentials such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. However, be careful with the amount of food you feed them as this may result in overfeeding and being overweight. Proteins should comprise the majority of your dog’s diet, as this helps support muscle growth. Next is fats, to ensure that the hair remains healthy and shiny. Then carbohydrates for energy. Make sure you get these from high-quality ingredients to provide the best of your dog’s health. If you’re serving dog food, buy the premium-quality ones. This shouldn’t contain lots of fillers and additives that can be harmful to your dog. Grooming: Afghan Hounds have long, beautiful, sky coats that shed infrequently. However, this requires lots of brushing (daily) to maintain. Brushing will help get rid of dirt and debris from their coats and ensure that it’s free from mats and tangles. Regular baths should also be given, and it’s important to use shampoo and conditioner that goes well with their skin. Don’t forget to clean out their ears to avoid ear infection. Their nails should be trimmed too to prevent them from feeling pain and discomfort.
  • Exercise: Afghan Hounds are energetic and active dogs who have strong instincts to run and chase prey. They need regular exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Daily long walks are highly recommended, but it’s essential to keep them on-leash. If you want to allow them to run around on their own, make sure that you have a securely fenced yard. The fence should also be tall as these dogs can be high jumpers.
  • Health: Afghan Hounds are generally healthy dogs with a long lifespan. However, they can suffer from several health conditions too. As dog owners, it’s essential to be aware of these. Among the health issues, Afghan Hounds have allergies, cancer, juvenile cataracts, and hypothyroidism. Although it’s possible they won’t get these diseases, it’s still important to always keep a close monitoring on your dog’s behavior. We also advise you to meet at least one of your dog’s parents to be aware of any hereditary conditions your dog may get. Regular check-ups are also vital.
  • Lifespan: The life expectancy of Afghan Hounds is 12-15 years.

Afghan Hound
Famous Afghan Hounds

  • Beauty: Barbie’s Afghan Hound
  • Kabul: Picasso’s Afghan hound
  • Snuppy: The first cloned dog
  • Asra and Omar: Two Afghan Hounds brought to America by Herbert Marx

Fun Facts about Afghan Hounds

  • Afghan Hounds are one of the most ancient dog breeds. Many believed they are the dogs rescued on Noah’s Ark.
  • As their name implies, they originated from Afghanistan; though many historians believe that they originated from the regions of
  • Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern India.
  • They were used in hunting animals, particularly leopards.
  • They are fast runners – running at a speed of 40mph.
  • They have a 270-degree field vision.
  • The American Kennel Club recognized them in 1926.

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