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Beaucerons are large to giant-sized dogs that stand at a height of 27 inches. These are muscular and rugged dogs known for their dark black coats with red accents. The Beauceron has long chiseled heads and eyes that scream confidence. However, these dogs are mostly distinguished by their long tail and double dewclaws as written on their standard.

Beaucerons are not an excellent fit for first-time owners. They require someone confident and firm to show them dominance. If this is not you, you might end up following this dog instead. But if you happen to be the right fit, expect to have levelheaded watchdogs and guardians for your homes.

Beauceron Dog

Beauceron Breed Statistics

Dog Breed GroupHerding Group
Breed SizeLarge to Giant
Height25.5-27.5 inches (male); 24-26.5 inches (female)
Weight70-110 pounds
Lifespan10-12 years

Beauceron Breed Ratings

Energy level
Exercise needs
Requires attention
Friendly with family
Friendly with kids
Friendly with strangers
Friendly with other dogs
Prey Drive

Beauceron History

Beaucerons were originally developed around the 1500s in France. They were working dogs and were originally called “Berger de Beauce.” The dogs were also useful as hunting dogs, herding dogs, and guardians of the flock.

Even though the dogs were developed long before, it was only around the 1800s when they were shown in public.

According to historians, it was in 1863 when a man named Pierre Megnin identified two types of French Sheepdogs – Briard and Beauceron. In that same year, the Beauceron was shown in a dog show in Paris. A year later, both dogs were accepted inside a newly founded shepherd dog club.

By 1889, a breed standard was set, and in 1911, a separate club was formed for the Beauceron. Since then, Beauceron dogs were used as herd dogs and were also very useful in military and police work. They were also helpful during World War I. Even the British War Museum displays a Beauceron dog’s photo jumping over a trench.

The breed slowly gained popularity in Western Europe and North America. By 2007, the American Kennel Club finally recognized the dog breed. It ranks 124th as the most popular dog breed in the US and makes excellent family dogs.

Beauceron Breed

Beauceron Temperament

Beaucerons are gentle, faithful, and obedient dogs. The way they stand and their eyes speak of confidence, which is true to this breed.

These dogs are generally even-tempered. But even if they are a serious dog breed, they are very athletic and require hard exercise. A walk around the block would not be enough.

It’s essential to give them the right amount of exercise until they get tired (but not exhausted). This will help keep them behaved indoors. If given too little exercise, they can become very destructive.

Keep toddlers away from them. Their size and active nature may cause them to injure your kids accidentally, so keep a close watch. However, with older children who know how to behave, they’ll be great playmates.

They love their family, and they are extremely loyal and dedicated. Their protective and watchful nature makes them aloof and discriminating with strangers. It’s crucial to socialize them at an early age so that this behavior won’t lead to aggression.

Beaucerons are also territorial dogs when it comes to other animals. It might be best if they’re the only dog in the household, but if not, make sure they are properly introduced.

Training can be challenging, so it’s essential to have someone firm and confident as the Beauceron’s owner. These dogs love being dominant, and they will try to do things in their own way. You will need lots of patience, and you should make sure that you don’t treat them harshly.

Beauceron Care Requirements

  • Nutrition: Beaucerons don’t have any special dietary requirements. All you have to do is to make sure that all they eat are of high-quality. Their meals should also contain a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. You can subject them to any type of diet through your vet’s guidance. If you want to feed him a home-cooked meal, make sure that you only buy high-quality ingredients that are excellent sources of the nutrients you need. For dog food, choose those of premium quality, which may not contain fillers and additives that can be harmful to your dog. Take note of any allergies, too, and make sure to stay away from those.
  • Grooming: Beaucerons have short coats that shed frequently. It would be best to brush it a few times a week, or daily, to lessen the amount of hair shedding. Brushing also helps remove dirt and excess hair, as well as prevent mats and tangles. Other than that, brushing also creates a great bond between you and your dog. Baths can be given once a month, but make sure to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Ears should be cleaned regularly too to prevent ear infection. Don’t forget to trim the nails regularly as long nails can cause pain and discomfort to your dog.
  • Exercise: Beaucerons are robust and active dogs that need lots of physical activity to remain healthy and happy. As mentioned earlier, they are not an excellent fit for first-time dog owners. These dogs are the best fit for an active person who loves doing outdoor activities as well. Make sure to provide him enough mental and physical activities to stimulate their minds and bodies.
  • Health: Beaucerons are generally healthy dogs. However, like any other dog breeds, they are prone to several health conditions that every dog owner must know. Bloating and hip dysplasia are most common, so it’s essential to provide them the right nutrition and enough exercise. It’s recommended to let your dog take a screening test to detect certain diseases only. It’s also best to meet at least one of your dog’s parents to be aware of any hereditary health conditions.
  • Lifespan: The life expectancy of Beaucerons is 10-12 years.


Famous Beaucerons

  • Arco du Chateau Rocher: Best of Breed in Westminster Show 2008
  • Henry: The Beauceron dog from the film “Hotel for Dogs.”

Fun Facts about Beaucerons

  • Beaucerons originated in France around the 1500s.
  • They were originally called “Berger de Beauce,” which means “sheepdog of Beauce.”
  • Another name used to call these dogs is “Bas Rouge,” which means “Red Stockings.”
  • They are believed to be related to the Briard dogs.
  • They were used as guard dogs and herding dogs.
  • Beaucerons were also used during the World Wars as messenger dogs and picking up on landmines.
  • All Beaucerons need to have double dewclaws (it’s the breed’s standard).
  • They were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2007.

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